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1hr Counselling /
Real Life Coaching Session

Includes the use of Bach Flower remedies or an Angel reading if required.

Bach Flower Consultation

Consultation to determine which of the 38 Bach Flower Remedies can assist with your situation.

1 hour Angel Card Reading

Using one or multiple Doreen Virtue Decks.

1 hour Reiki Session

Angel Card Readings

Holistic Counselling & Real Life Coaching


Angel readings are positive, inspiring and can help to heal and harmonise a person’s life by connecting with their Guardian Angels, Angels and Archangels.

Angel readings can be used to receive loving guidance and assist people on their purpose in life or provide direction. They can be used to help clarify a decision or to shed light on an issue of concern so that you may find the peace and fulfillment in life that you desire or to simply connect you with your angels.

Examples of different types of Angels Readings:

You can simply ask, What do my Angels want me to know?

Or you can ask a specific question about a situation or person

You can look ahead and see what is coming up for you in your life

Or a Relationship reading, to see where your relationship is heading etc


picture of a pumpkinAngel Card Readings can give you the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding about relationships, career, challenges, and many other life issues. 

1 hour Reading using one or multiple Doreen Virtue Decks.