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1hr Counselling /
Real Life Coaching Session

Includes the use of Bach Flower remedies or an Angel reading if required.

Bach Flower Consultation

Consultation to determine which of the 38 Bach Flower Remedies can assist with your situation.

1 hour Angel Card Reading

Using one or multiple Doreen Virtue Decks.

1 hour Reiki Session


Holistic Counselling & Real Life Coaching


picture of a pumpkinI had a pretty traumatic childhood and as a result as an adult I was feeling quite depressed and suffering from anxiety. I worked with Connie Leski over a period of months and she taught me the tools that I needed to cope better in my day to day life as well as a different and better way to look at my past. I found Connie very easy to talk to and she was a wonderful listener. She made me feel very comfortable and at ease. I felt like I could trust her and tell her anything without judgement. She also helped me to not blame myself for things that were out of my control. As a result of my sessions with Connie, I now feel that I can finally put my past to rest and focus on my future. I feel that I am a much stronger person and I feel that my self-worth is a lot higher. I am less anxious and have learned a whole new way of thinking. My future is a lot brighter thanks to Connie. I highly recommend her services.

Nicole Jones


I just wanted to thank you Connie for you patience and lovely nature you possessed during our sessions. I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first but as each week passed I gained more and more knowledge. It really opened my eyes and allowed me to deal with both my physical and mental issues in a way i never thought of before. The tools i learned through the sessions I will use for the rest of my life. Once again thank you very much.

Regards Jessica

Connie, I just wanted to thank-you for your wisdom, you have a way with words that inspires me to be a better person. During our sessions I learned how to look at life from a different perspective. I feel I now have the knowledge and understanding to face the journey of life in a brighter way thanks to you for shining your divine light.

Kind regards Andrea


Seeking counseling was something I had considered getting for a long time. Over the last couple of years I had noticed many worrying thoughts and feelings of mine. I was feeling anxiety, frustration, anger and depression. In my worse times I had contemplated suicide. So when I first attended a counseling session with Connie, I did not know what to expect. I only knew that I wanted to talk about my issues and hope it would help. What happened completely surprised me. Connie taught me a new way of thinking which has had a tremendous benefit to my life. Connie has always being positive and a great listener. She has taught me so much wisdom. I can’t thank her enough for it. Connie has taught me that life is never stagnant and she has helped me to be grateful for what I have. Connie has helped me see things in a new perspective which has greatly reduced my anxiety and depression. I appreciate so much more. Connie has made me want to be a better man. With her guidance I feel more confident. She has shown me the power of positive thinking. I recommend anyone thinking of seeing Connie to go to her with an open mind. Connie certainly has being open, honest, understanding and much more. Thank you so much Connie. I am grateful to you more than my words can say.